TGC Renewables

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Renewable energy for farmers and landowners

TGC Renewables helps you reap financial rewards without the hassle by delivering solar farms that are right for your individual needs and location.

A responsible approach 

  • Free and honest advice  about all the facts and figures so you can make astute decisions

  • The right technology in the right place for you, the planners and the local community 

  • From planning to operational performance our experts make it happen  for you


High-quality results

When leasing land for construction of a solar farm, a high-quality project requires a thorough understanding of the market, the resource, the technology and the process. At TGC Renewables, we have an in-house multi-disciplinary team for every project whose combined experience includes agriculture, planning, mechanical and electrical engineering, environmental science, legal,  finance and marketing.  This means you can be confident that you are working with an organisation that both understands your needs, and has the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience required to ensure that the project is a success.